Talk to Someone

Take an extra 1, 2 or 3 minutes a day to talk to someone that you normally wouldn’t speak to for so long. 

You might learn something about that person you never knew.

You’ll be amazed how this will create more connections with people in your life. 

Many people in the world feel isolated from others or would love to speak a little more to others. 

Like many people these days, I am rushing around from one place to the next and usually don’t spend enough time speaking to other people.  It really wouldn’t take much time to continue the conversation just a little bit longer. 

In that extra minute or two, you might learn something you never knew about that person and they may learn something about you. 

So, if you spent 1 minute more with 3 people, that’s 3 minutes. 

I’m sure you could find 3 minutes a day to speak a little more to someone. 

Can you find 3 minutes a day to create more communication, connection and exchange of information each day?

I’m sure you can.

And maybe you’ll find even more than 3 minutes of time. 

I know 3 minutes doesn’t sound like much but it’s purposely suggested to be a very easy thing to do so you can learn to get into the habit of communicating more and creating more energy with others in your life. 

Try it!  See what happens! 

Maybe talk to the person next to you on line at the market or a store or speak to the gas station attendant while he fills your tank. 

Realize that when your communicating with someone, energy is being exchanged between the people. 

And you might even want to keep  a daily diary of the things you learn from the people you speak to.   

Dr. Stu