How Many Cases of Bottled Water Can I Balance On My Head?

This is my first “Stupid Stuff” post. This is going to be fun writing this stuff.

So, there was a sale at ShopRite last week and the week before for Poland Spring bottled water.

You got the sale price of about $11 if you bought 3 cases at once. And those 3 cases were considered one offer.

Now you could purchase a total of 4 offers of 3 cases each for a total of 12 cases which is 288 plastic bottles of water.

BUT, you had to purchase all 12 cases at one time to get the offer which was through a digital coupon.

However, I didn’t know about the “digital coupon one time use rule” initially and figured it was logical to purchase 6 cases at once and get the other 6 cases on another day, as you could only fit 6 cases into a shopping cart and could also only comfortably fit those 6 cases into the trunk of my car.

SO, when I went back to the store a few days later to purchase my next 6 cases, I was denied the sale price as my digital coupon had expired on its first use.

OKAY – So this means I would have to:

  • Place 12 cases of water (24 in each) in a cart and figure out a way to push it out of the store without all of them crashing to the floor.
  • OR get two carts and place 6 cases in each and bring both carts to a cashier.

These are VERY heavy carts after the water is put into them, so I would have to bring one to a cashier line and ask the person in line to watch it for me while I go get the other cart of 6 cases.

OR if there’s no line, ask the cashier to wait for me to go get the other cart.

I guess the cashier could take a coffee or bathroom break at that point.

Then I would have to push each cart separately to my car and load all 12 cases both in my trunk and on the seats in the car.

  • OR ask a store employee to get a dolly or cart to hold the cases and have them assist me to get through the cashier and to my car.

But think about it! If a lot of people wanted to purchase the 12 cases at once and people are going in and out of the store continually, it would take a lot of time away from the employee’s other duties to help numerous customers with their cases of water.

So, I consider the digital coupon policy of expiring on its first use, thus requiring the purchase of 12 cases at once “STUPID STUFF!”

But I am going to contact the ShopRite support department or someone in management and see if I can get this policy changed and will post updates as I have them.

Dr. Stu

Sponsor a Kid

Dr. Richard Carlson talks about sponsoring an underprivileged child in his book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.” 

This is a great idea to help those in need. 

I suggest that for every $100,000 you make, you sponsor one child.  That means for every million dollars earned, 10 kids are sponsored. 

With over seven (7) million millionaires in the world (New York Times, May 3, 2000) this would mean at least 70 million kids get helped.

Wow, that’s a lot of kids!!! 

And how many jobs would that create? 

This would make a BIG difference towards improving our world.

Dr. Stu