Making the Molecules Move

Energy surrounds us and is within us all the time.

Your objective should be to free enough of the slow moving energy within your body and mind in order to open your natural lively energy force. 

Looking at children who are free spirits is a glimpse into what this energy looks like. 

As adults, we must learn how to keep those energy molecules moving. 

You could call but I’d recommend trying a better diet of more wholesome foods, less junk, less fat; walking more and spending as much time as you can doing something you love. 

This love vibration will teach your body and mind how good it feels to experience this state. 

It triggers a desire in you to keep increasing the amount of time you spend in this state.  

Because you are doing things that make you happy, those molecules keep moving faster and faster and you become addicted to this good feeling and simply want more of it. 

This whole process could take months or years, but the end result of more free energy and happiness in your life is worth it. 

Make the molecules move.

Dr. Stu